Monday, March 2, 2009

Our First Weekend as a Married Couple!

And we spent it completely apart! I worked Friday night as I had planned an Astonomy Festival, but it got cancelled due to the weather. I went anyway, in case people showed up so I could provide a friendly face and explanation. Good think because about a 1/2 dozen cars pulled up.

Then on Saturday - Hank, EB and I drove up to Becky's to spend the night with Becky, Danny, Thea, Jay-Lynne, and Marley. We went out to Browns in Hampton Beach and got lobster, fried clams, steamers and beer. So, so, so good!

Jay left on Saturday with three of his friends to go snowmobiling in New Hampshire. He had a great time and got home last night at midnight. Right now he's out plowing the driveway 'cause we got a ton of snow last night! Here are some pictures from Jay's weekend (he had the camera!):

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