Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm a Slacka

So, this is only my fourth post in March. Total slacka. I saw some of my girlfriends on Saturday morning. We had a good time walking down memory lane. Very nice.
Here's Fran. She's very happy as she and Jessye are going to be home owners very shortly!
And EB's happy as she found some Brie!
Here's Mr. Grant. I got to spend some time with Drew and Grant this weekend. Very nice, indeed!
And Beefer!

Jay and I went to Falmouth on Sunday on sort of a mini, two-day delayed honeymoon. Well, more like a weekend away. Anyway, we stayed at the Inn on the Square and it was beautiful. We got a cup of tea and walked all over town. We took a walk at South Cape Beach and went swimming in the heated indoor pool. I went swimming - Jay went drowning. Sometimes I think I want to go to Hawaii with Jay, but then I realize that I would spend the entire time worried that Jay is drowning in the waves, so I don't think we'll ever do that. We are planning our Arizona/Utah trip for September (I can't wait). Woo-hoo!

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