Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ha, Ha, Snicker, Snicker, Snort!!!!!!

Let's take a trip back in time looking at my old yearbook pictures.

Here's 2000











Here I am in my senior picture, for reals. 1995! Waaaaaaaaaaay too long ago!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Summer Weekend!

I babysat Thea, Drew, and Grant Friday into Saturday so Jami & Andy could go to a wedding and Jessie & Peter could pick up a wild mustang in Tenessee.

Here's Thea with the pop Drew gave her!
And Drew with his own pop.
Saturday morning - watching Sesame Street in our PJs.
EB and Grant - EB has the touch with that one!
Drew trying to teach Thea how to play baseball (I love that the helmet is on backwards!).
Going for a ride on the train!
Sharing the fireman's boots - one for each!
Mr. Serious - such a good, good baby!

Then I brought Thea down camp to play with Nana Sue and Grandpa Jim. Here she is splashing Nana Sue in the pond.
She looks proud as a peacock here!
Her two rocks - one was 'Flat Rock' and the other was 'Orange Rock.' She played with them all evening and then lost them when she insisted on swimming with them.
Bobby caught a 1 3/4 lb largemouth bass. I had to take the hook out and teach him how to hold him. He was soooo proud and all the kids were obsessed with catching the big one!
This afternoon I went on the Ames Mansion Garden Tour at Borderland State Park. It was great and the Interpreter was wonderful! This tour is offered every Saturday and Sunday at 2:00pm - check it out!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Have Rabies!!!!!!!!!

Aren't dogs just grand! Mine put on a fine show today - he may have given me rabies! He somehow managed to catch and kill a woodchuck about 12 inches from me. It all happened in about 10 seconds, if that. When he shook the thing to death, I got SRAYED with blood! It was mostly on my legs, but I got some on my arms and FACE, too. My face. Covered with woodchuck blood. What the f*$%? Here's a pretty picture:

So now the woodchuck is getting tested for rabies and I'll find out in a week if I need to get rabies shots. In the meantime, Hank has been quaranteened by the Lakeville ACO. And to make matters worse, a rabid coyote was found in Lakeville yesterday so they are taking this super, super seriously. I love my dog!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby Box Turtle

Found this weekend and he was sooooooooooooo cute!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

No Rain!

We've finally had some great weather, so I decided to take the camera with us as Jay and I took Hank for a walk this afternoon. This is the huge field that is across the road from us.

The red building on the left is Cape Cod Copper - you may have heard of it. It is three doors down from our house.

Right past Cape Cod Copper, on the right, there is a dirt road that goes through the fields. We take Hank for walks down there a lot. The road crosses a stream and there are tons of cat-nine-tails here.

Here's Hank in front of the stream. He hasn't been swimming here yet. He's too afraid of the drop down!
Across the street from Cape Cod Copper is a trail that goes into the woods. We love walking here.
Can you see Hank? He was hunting a mouse in the field!
The trail leads to a beautiful pond where Hank loves to swim and fetch sticks. Tomorrow Jay and I are going to go swimming too!

And there are tons of chipmunks for Hank to chase and dig after.
And here is a happy, happy man tooling around on his John Deere this evening!