Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Garden Club Tea Party

My Garden Club had a new member tea party on Sunday. Each member had to invite someone from Wrentham to attend the tea party to learn more about the club and maybe become a member. I invited my friend EB. And EB invited Greg Burt, someone we went to high school with. It was very funny! Here are some pictures from the event. The first two are some of the centerpieces for the tables. These two were awesome. Mine sucked, but I'm poor so all I could afford was carnations and baby's breath.

We have a flower arrangement competition in April, so we got to play with some flowers. Aren't they beautiful.Here's EB and Greg enjoying the tea party!

KP Class of '95 Reunion at the Garden Club Tea Party - very, very surreal. And am I really that round? I mean, Jesus! My mental picture of me is soooo very different from the actual picture of me! Today I saw my first crocuses (croci?)! Spring is really here!

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