Thursday, March 5, 2009

MEES Conference Success

Woo-hoo! Yesterday was a big day - it was the day of the annual Massachusetts Environmental Education Society (MEES) Conference. This year's theme was Environmental Sustainability in our Schools, Centers, and Selves. The conference drew 278 environmental educators from across Massachusetts (with a couple of people from neighboring states) and was a grand success. I was able to attend two sessions: 'Got Math?: Using Marine Mammal Rehabilitation to Create Math Activities' and 'You've Removed the Invasive Plants - Now What?' These were great sessions and I learned a lot. I also got the opportunity to see many of my friends in the field and talk and chat and laugh. Here are some pics from the day:
Brian using some cool technology to analyze the environment:
Diane Edgecomb presenting "Folktales in the Forest," an environmental storytelling program.
Barb and friend learning green architecture activities to share with children and students.
Jim and Betsey!
Robin with her little red phase screech owl.
Cynthia and Tim in a great conversation about some NEEEA changes.
Melissa and Kathryn manning the registration desk.
Val and Nancy having a DCR discussion.

Connecticut Valley Biological always puts on a great display - and they have great give-aways!
Registration moving smoothly.

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