Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Thank You Everyone"

This girl just cracks me up!

Girls' Night!!

I had Thea over for a sleepover. It was awesome! Here's the cutie-pa-tootie showing off her "cool" sunglasses.

Here we are - just woke up!

Thea painted me a picture of Hank and a dog cage.
Love the bed-head.
Quite the artist!
Auntie Amy's picture and Thea May's picture -so pretty!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Bike Ride

Fall weather here in Massachusetts has been awesome this year! Today it actually feels like summer! A week or so ago, when the weather was a bit crisper, we went for a 12 mile bike ride through MSSF.

It's so cute: Hank runs right along-side us the entire way! He ran for 12 miles straight and probably could have gone another 12 miles.

Taking a break. Well, Jay and I took a break. Hank spent the entire time trying to get us going again! "Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!" You can see it in his eyes!
The lovebirds!
Even after a long bike ride, Hank still wanted to go swimming.
My boys:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

EB and Paul's MA Wedding Reception

Saturday was EB and Paul's Massachusetts wedding reception! We had a blast! Here are EB's college gals sharing a good laugh.

Enjoying the spread, the food was so, so good.
Mom and Dad!
Annie and Rachel! Rachel flew in from Indianna as a surprise! EB was so happy she cried!
Annie's new nose ring.
My girls!
Fall foliage at its peak!
Neal looked stunning, per usual.
The newlyweds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

As the Worm Turns!

Let me tell you about vermicomposting....

I read a book called "Worms Eat My Garbage" and decided that I should have a kitchen vermicomposting bin (or worm composting bin). So I got a bin that was already going from one of my Interpreters. Realized that there were not enough worms, bought one pound of worms, dumped them in, and then started feeding them all of our kitchen scraps!

Then I realized that I still didn't have enough worms (we eat A LOT of fresh fruit and veggies - seriously, we spend so much $$ on fresh produce). So I set up another bin with fresh bedding, newspaper strips, and some food: egg shells, potato skin, brocolli stalk, and a rotten cucumber. I sprinkled in some dirt from the garden and this is what it looked like:

Then I opened my bag o'worms (yup, they ship 'em right to your door! 2,000 worms just for me and my kitchen scraps!)

And dumped them in!
Here's a close-up:

Here are two pictures from my alread established composting bin. You can see all the little wormies and the yummy produce they are chewing on.

And I found a cocoon!! Worm eggs look like this and 2 or 3 little tiny worms hatched out of that! So my worms are happy, healthy, and reproducing (don't ask me about the fruit flies...seriously...I may have to be committed if I can't get rid of the damn fruit flies!)

Down on the Farm

I spent the holiday at the farm! It's our annual trip to the farm in Orange for Columbus Day weekend and I love it! I do not love the drive, though. On Saturday it took me two hours to get to Jessie's. Then we got a call from Mom who needed a ride so I had to drive all the way to Springfield to pick her up and then back to Orange - three more hours! For a total of five hours spent in the car on Saturday!!! Grrrr.....

Anyway, since I had to pick mom up at the gun show, I figured I'd stop by mom and dad's tables and say hi. Here are some picks from the gun show.

Finally we made it to Orange to play with Miss Thea (she's so naughty!).

Sunday morning we all geared up for our annual ride in the parade. This was my first year in the parade 'cause I usually watch from the sidelines. But this year I figured I'd just jump into the wagon for the parade! Here are Thea and Chloe with their cowgirl hats on!

Lexi walked Hank in the parade. Hank's first parade!

Although he did spend some time in the wagon with me.

And Griffin. He did so good! I was in charge of all the little kids in the wagon, including this little one. We made up two rules: 1) Be safe. 2) Wave to all the people.

Here I am all duded up in my cowgirl hat and Dare to Dream shirt!

Here's Amy and all the little kids!

Emma and Lexi.

Mom decided she was too hot with the Dare to Dream shirt on top of her regular pink shirt, so she tried to take it off and it got stuck! Becky had to pull the shirt out of the other one! It was a laugh-riot! Then mom said something innapropriate about 'special' kids at the beginning of the parade and we had to give mom a rule: 1) No politically incorrect comments to the public!

Then we went back to the farm for a ride. Here's Thea on PJ.

And Chloe on Fiona. I actually rode Fiona, too! And I loved it and I wasn't afraid and I even trotted!!!

Thea bossing around poor PJ!

And then, will wonders never cease?!?! Momma Sue got on a horse!!!!

She a crazy lady!