Monday, August 24, 2009

The Trouble with Turtles

We're a turtle family. Our idea of a nice, normal family outing is to get everyone into a canoe or kayak and spend the day catching turtles. Big turtles, small turtles, cute turtles, ugly turtles - literally 100s of turtles. I think we may have a problem. Both this summer and last summer I took one picture of Thea with a turtle and I realized that Thea's expression looks startingly similar in both. You be the judge:


Uh oh. It appears that the next generation of Nelson girls might not love turtles as much as we did. We'll have to work on that one.

The Fruits of Our Labor

And by fruits...I mean three. We picked the first ripe tomatoes in our garden and had them with dinner tonight. I present to you our three perfect cherry tomatoes.
Can you see them in my Blue Moon?

Here they are in our yummy dinner. Can you find them?
(They're in the avocado salad! )

I Wanna Dance!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Summer Down Camp = Awesome

16 lobsters in that pot! Yummy!
Dad and Becky enjoying the corn and lobsters by lamp light.
Jessie taking Marshall and Thea for a moon-lit ride on Fearing Pond.
The crew by the fire.
That's the front of our camp, but you can't quite see it through the trees.
Mr. Tim and Mr. Benny love it too. And I love them. Jennifer Aniston wants to date Tim; pretty cool, huh?
Grampie and Nana Sue caught a turtle, but Thea isn't too sure about it!
Thea prefers to catch and play with the little minows.
Grampie and Thea going for a canoe ride.

Lexi and Thea trying to shove off from shore.
Swimming, swimming, swimming - we do a lot of that!
Nana Sue makes the BEST blueberry pancakes ever. Seriously, EVER!
Jessie brought down a mess-load of horsies so everyone could go on a trail ride.
So much fun!
Miss Thang!