Thursday, September 23, 2010

Michelle and Scott's Wedding

Jay's sister Michelle got married this past weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and it was nice to spend some time with the Wilmot side of the family. Michelle's husband Scott is a wicked funny guy, so glad to have him as a brother-in-law!

Here's Jay and his other sister, Lauren.
My Mr. Handsome - love him!

Me and my husband!
The cake looked good enough to eat!

Jay and his brother Mark.
How happy does Michelle look?!?!?!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Georges Island

I had to work a special event on one of the Boston Harbor Islands. A lot of people don't know this, but there are a ton of islands in Boston Harbor - most owned by DCR and the National Park Service. You can camp on some of them and some have visitor centers and fabulous displays.

I went to Georges Island, home of Fort Warren. Last time I was there, was for my fifth (?) grade field trip! Here's the view of the Boston skyline as I took the crew boat over to Georges.

We're coming into the pier - you can see Fort Warren -it's huge. They give guided tours of the fort daily through Columbus Day (it's closed for the winter).

There were boats and peole everywhere.

This is Peddock's Island - where they filmed some of the movie Shutter Island (the flashbacks to the family were filmed at another state park: Borderland State Park).

Lost Dog: Ruby

I was driving home from work at about 4PM and there was a dog walking down the middle of Cranberry Road! A few people had stopped, but I was the only one with dog treats in my car. She had no collar or tags and looked very frightened. I was able to lure her into my car with the treats.

I couldn't get in touch with the dog officer, so I took the dog home. Finally the dog officer called and said that the town didn't have a shelter, so I offered to keep the dog until the owners were found. At about 7PM, the owner called. The sweet, sweet baby's name is Ruby and she got out through the back gate. They were so worried and when they picked her up, they offered me money but I wouldn't take it.

I kinda hoped no one would claim her so that we could keep her, but I knew she was someone's pet. Glad to see she made it home and I got to have a fun adventure!

Greek Festival 2010

Last Saturday was family day extrodinaire! First, I met up with Becky, Danny, the twins, Jessie, Thea, Isiah, and Momma Sue at Wrentham Day. We saw Senator Scott Brown and his wife - I used to babysit Ayla and Arrianna - and they couldn't believe all the new Nelson babies! They each held one of the twins; it was so cute. I also had some acupunture done at the fair - it was weird, but I'd do it again if it weren't so damn expensive!

Then we hit the Greek Festival at my grandparents' church - Saint Catherines in Braintree. The church is gorgeous and the food is devine! Here's Auntie Amy and Miss Thea Maya!

Momma Becky and sweet little Delaney:

The whole crew: Becky, Nancy, Delaney, Momma Sue, Grandpa George, Jessie, Isiah, and Grandma Dottie!

I got the lamb shank meal - so, so, so yummy.

Grandma Dottie also got that meal.

Megan and Thea! Thea had a blast playing with her cousins!

Momma and Grandma!

Thea loved the jumpy house. We had to lie and say she was five years old to get her in!

Montana Nuptuals!!!!!

EB and Paul got married!!!!!! Here are a ton of pictures of a beautiful Montana wedding. EB was glowing, Paul had a grin that wouldn't quit, and all had an absolute blast!

Can you believe this scenery for your wedding?!?! Crazy!

Annie, EB, and Neal
The whole Henderson Family!
The proud parents!
Loving the grin!

Here comes the bride!

It's official! EB is a married lady!

I love this picture!

It's Gonzo!!!!!!!

The girls!!!!!! Some of us dressed up; some of us didn't! Actually, we were all dressed for the ceremony, but it was chilly so we quickly bundled up in jeans and sweats for the rest of the night.
Time for a party!

Jami went mud-dancing!

Me and Jami!