Thursday, December 24, 2009

Martha's Vineyard

My job takes me to some really cool places - and all within a day's drive. Last week, a few of us had to go over the the state forest on Martha's Vineyard. It was a beautiful, but cold day. We were only there for a few hours, but the supervisor of the state forest took us on a great tour of the island and I snapped a few pictures to share. I am making a pact right now that Jay, Hank, and our bikes will make it over sometime in 2010!

It may be hard to tell in this picture, but this house is really, really tiny. It belonged to General Tom Thumb, a 'little person!' It looked like a doll house compared to the huge houses around it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bleeding Love

I am in love. With this song, with this singer, with this dance. You know that scene in Dazed and Confused where the dorky kid says something along the lines of "I just want to dance!"? I kinda feel like that sometimes. I haven't danced in ages (other than in my house with my stereo blasting). And I miss it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Weekend

Had a great weekend! Jami, Andy, and the boys came over Friday night for dinner. All of the pictures that my camera took that night were so fuzzy :( Bummer. But here's one of Jami and Drew rocking out with Guitar Hero!

On Sunday, Jay and I went to Grant's 1-year Birthday Party! We had a blast! Here's the Birthday Boy!

And here's big brother, Drew.
All the kids were lined up to help Grant open his presents. His loot was impressive!
Grant's ready for his birthday cake:
Jami made the cake! It was so cute and so, so yummy!
I wonder what he wished for....
The kids then played with all the presents. Jay played with the presents, too! It was so cute!

Friday, December 11, 2009

It's a White Orange

The rescued her buddy, Relish, from the rain. Yes, there is a mini-horse in the house!

Playing in the snow

Thea got stuck in the snow and her momma had to go help her! Reminds me of Christmas Story.

Thea got Yahtzee at the Christmas swap. Jess is going crazy listening to her shake the dice in the cup! Doesn't she look so grown up in that outfit! She is so long and lean - just like her mom and dad!

Thea and her new favorite thing - her 'basketball hat!" That girl cracks me up!

Thea and her most favorite horse: Honey!

Working Honey in the pen:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

52 in 52

One of my New Year's resolution for January 1st, 2009 was to read more. Specifically, to read at least 52 books in the year of 2009 - one per week. I'm almost there. I'm at 48, with my 49th more than halfway read and my 50th about 1/3 read. My last few just need to be shorter books! I learned some interesting things with this project:
  • Reading makes me happy. If I'm not reading an enjoyable or interesting book, then my mood falls. I've always been this way, but for some reason I never realized it until this year.
  • I read way more non-fiction than I thought I did. I never thought of myself as a non-fiction reader, but when I look at the 48 books I've read this year, fifteen (or 1/3) of the books were non-fiction.
  • I have to finish a book once I start reading. The only book I didn't finish on this list was The School on Heart's Content Road by Carolyn Chute. It really, really sucked. I spent about a month trying to get into it but couldn't. It was the author, not the book, 'cause I tried another book of hers but didn't even get 1/10 of the way through (it's not on the list because I don't count that as a book I read).
  • I don't buy books. Well, I should say that I don't buy books at bookstores. I think the only book I payed full price for was Marley & Me. All the rest were hand-me-downs, loaners, purchased at a low price at yard sales or library book sales.
  • I have to be reading at least two books, usually three, at all times. Currently I've had three going: Taps (was reading last night before bed), The Golden Spruce (haven't read since last wee), and Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow (which I just finished this morning).
  • I didn't count any books that I read for work. For example, right now I'm reading Winter Ecology to learn a bit more about how plants and animals survive the winter. This isn't reading for pleasure, so I don't include it.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hi Drew!

Hey Drew! Uncle Jay hasn't used his chainsaw yet, but he did take some pictures of his tractor and all the wood he's been cutting! Here they are:

My Birthday - I'm 29 (again)!

I'm sitting here, warm from the wood stove, sipping hot chocolate, getting ready to finish off my current book (The Dogs of Bedlam Farm), and feeling content...

I had a fabulous birthday! It started with a trip to Quan's with my bestest friend Jami. That girl knows I love sushi! Thank You, Jami! My Momma Sue and Dad got me three new pairs of jeans - desperately needed - along with some spending cash. Think I'm gonna get a manicure! Thanks Momma Sue & Dad! Becky & Danny came along for my birthday dinner at the Stoneforge Tavern. It was awesome and they gave me a wonderful goodie bag full of things to pamper myself with! Thanks Becky & Danny! Becky's belly is starting to show and she looked so cute and happy! Can't wait to see those little babies! And Jay got me my TomTom! I've wanted one for a while and it looks great in my new (used) car! Thanks Jay!

Jay and I spend Saturday morning selecting the perfect tree and decorating it. The pictures came out blurry, so I'll try to re-post some better ones later. I LOVE OUR CHRISTMAS TREE! This morning I sat in that room eating my toast, drinking my tea, and just loving the light of the tree!