Sunday, June 28, 2009

My life has been nothing but move, pack, work, move, pack, work, work, pack, move, pack, work and it SUCKS! I cannot wait to leave for Indiana on Tuesday and I cannot wait for 4th of July weekend down at the camp and I cannot wait to see little miss Thea ride in her next horse show. Here she is!

Here is Thea trotting! TROTTING!

Thea's cousin Marshall on lead-line.

Waiting for the judges decision.
Guess who won first prize!

Guess who else won first prize!

And she KNOWS she is just so adorable.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


1. We finally closed on our house! As of Friday evening, Jay and I are the official owners of a cute little house in Lakeville! We love it and we cannot wait to officially move in. Today is moving day for a lot of our stuff, although we won't be totally moved in until late June.

2. My friend Rachel had a little girl last weekend. Her name is Macie and she is so cute! Congratulations to Rachel and Brian!

3. My cousin Sharon had a little girl Friday night. Her name is Molly and I can't wait to see pictures! Yay for little girls!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thea's Horsies

These are some of Thea's horsies in Orange. How lucky is she to be a two-year-old equestrian! I'm 32 and still afraid of horses!

This is Bones. Bones is really Jessie's horse.

Here's Vinny and Courage. So pretty. Vinny's been on the farm for as long as I can remember.Here's Thea riding! I think this is Sparkles, but Jess will tell me if I'm wrong.

And here is Thea JUMPING!!! What a brave little girl!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back To Orange

Last week I worked one day at Wachusett Mountain and so I was only about 20 minutes from Orange. After work, I headed west to Jessie's and spent some time with my cutie neice. The pics of her are so funny! She is such a dirty farm girl!

Michelle gave Thea two baby goats for her birthday last month. There names are Coco and Monkey. They are very cute!
I got to feed Monkey his bottle!
We close on the house tomorrow. I went by yesterday to check out the septic system install and it looks like we lost the peony bush and the grape arbor. Bummer, but I think it's better in the long run as the yard is a beast!