Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stained Glass

I found the best website EVER! I absolutely love homemade crafts. I sometimes fancy myself to be a crafter, but I have neither the time, skill, or patience to be a real crafter. Anywho, this website is ETSY and it's kinda like EBay, where a gazillion different sellers can post their goods -but it's not an auction and they only sell homemade items. Here's what I splurged on yesterday:

It's a stained glass froggie. I bought another, but I can't find the picture of it. I'll add a pic when I get it. I LOVE stained glass window catchers. Here's a few from my collection:

That one's a 3-D window catcher. It's in an old window from and has tree branches in it. The tree branches have stained glass leaves and a stained glass moon attached to them. It's called "Blue Moon" and I got it at North Quabbin Woods a few years back. The artist is amazing and has items for sale there.

These two were give to me by my Grammie:

My sister gave me this stained glass wind chime a few years ago and then last year she gave me the canoer.

Lastly, this is a yard sale find from this summer. I haven't hung it up yet, but it looks pretty cool just sitting on a table.

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