Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Day of the Dentist

You would think that a post with this title would be horrific. But for a day that I had to get a cavity filled, it turned out pretty good!

Since I had to leave work early for my dentist appointment, Jami and I made plans to go get a late lunch of Thai food at the Dahra. We LOVE Thai food! This is how much Jami loves Thai food: when she opened up her menu, she turned to me and warned me that she was going to order Thai rolls but that I couldn't have any because she wanted to eat them all! I totally understood. I had Veggie Pad Thia - - - Yummy.
Then I got home and took Hank for a nice walk before a thunderstorm came rolling in.
And when we got home, Jay was making pizza for dinner! What a good guy!

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