Monday, July 28, 2008

A Busy Weekend

I think this is the first weekend all summer that I haven't gone to the cottage. Jay and I had a busy agenda this weekend.

First, there was a trip to New Bedford and then a little bit of Rock 'n Roll!

Then Jami and Andy had us over to their new house for dinner. Drew put on quite a show!

And then on Sunday, my dad and I acted in a play called "Softly Speak the Stones." The play told the story of 8 people buried in the old town cemetary and was part of my neighbor's Girl Scout Gold Award. I was Hannah Farrington, who was 37 in about 1800, and I spoke for my triplets, Emaline, Oliver, and Fisher, who passed away soon after birth. My dad played Deacon Francis Nicholson who was one of America's first documented makers of planes, a device with a blade used to smooth out rough surfaces of wood. He was also know as the master of the slave Cesar Chelor. Nicholson taught Cesar his trade and upon Nicholson's death, he willed Cesar his freedom, as well as enough land, tools, and stock to start his own business. Cesar Chelor became the first African-Americn plan-maker and some of his planes are included in the Smithsonian Museum's Anacostia Collection.

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graham's mom said...

hi amy! i am loving getting the nelson updates. i just wanted to let you know we moved - you can find us at hope you guys are good! xoxo, sarah