Saturday, November 1, 2008

These are for Jen!

In celebration of Jen's comment on a recent post (yea! I have at least three people who look at this blog!), I've decided to post these pictures! Enjoy them Jen!


Jen Barry said...

Okay - a few comments - First love you for posting those, they totally made me laugh and oddly brought me right back to those days! But... why do I look like I have put a hot poker up my butt in the ones where I'm smiling and when it comes to the others, well I just have no appropriate comment. Seriously, LMAO!!!!

Jen Barry said...

Wait, that picture of the kitchen table at Crestview - were we ever that bad at home decoration and i want to know where my mirror is where I used to attempt to put in my contact lenses - I was rarely successful - ahh, the memories!!

Amy & Jay said...

I know! Nice clock and tablecloth (not to mention the plastic lawn chairs) in Breastview! It's so funny, I thought about your mirror, too when I was looking at these pictures! Glad you like them! So Jen, you seriously have to (HAVE TO) join Facebook - all the cool kids are doing it and it is the best way of keeping in touch. Join!