Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Becky's Birthday Celebration

Last Saturday, Becky's husband Danny and I pulled off a surprise birthday party for Becky at our parent's house.
Cousins Maggie & Meghan
Here's the cake - so yummy!

Danny gave Becky a puppy for her birthday. Here's Grampie with the new grandchild!

Becky & Grampie Hugo

Becky & Grammie Emily

Auntie Becky & Miss Thea

Becky & Cousin Jessica

Mom & Becky

Becky & Grandma Dorothea

Enjoying the food

Talk, talk, chat, chat
Cousins James and Meghan

Nephew Giavani

Neice Jay-Lynne


graham's mom said...

Joe keeps walking around the house, muttering to himself: "There's no way Becky Nelson is thirty. Thirty! Jesus." Over and over again. =)

Happy birthday wishes from Sarah, Joe and Graham!

Amy & Jay said...

I know - it's insane! And Joe- a birthday in just a few days! If I'm going to be 32, I think that means Joe will be 33? Is that officially mid-thirties? God, we are old!