Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Jay & Amy Weekend

Here are some pictures from our weekend. We didn't do much, but it was nice spending a whole weekend with just Jay and Hank. Saturday, Jay lumberjacked during the day while I did a million errands then filled our freezer with meals for the upcoming few weeks. That evening we went to the movies to see Role Model, but we messed up the time so we got there 30 minutes after it started. Whoops! Instead we got coffee and sat and talked for a half-hour before heading home to play a Guitar Hero Tournament! It was a blast!

This morning started off with a yummy French toast breakfast made with Jay's homemade bread.

Then Jay and I headed to Roger Williams Park Zoo! Here's a picture of the giraffe. If you click on the picture, you'll see that he's peeing! Gross!

Here's Jay with two Bald Eagles behind him.

Here's the cutest thing we saw at the zoo. A red panda - so cute!

After the zoo, we picked Hank up and went for a nature walk at Trout Pond.

I found some witch hazel trees. They bloom in the fall. Here's one of their flowers - very unusual.

We saw something wriggling on the ground. Jay asked if it was a snake (he's afraid of snakes).

It was an earthworm. Just for a size comparison, I put my camera case next to the worm. It was small, but Jay seriously asked if it was a snake!

I found some striped wintergreen with seedpods.

And a red-backed salamander, a sowbug, and some cool mushrooms!

The sun was setting as Jay took his final cast.

Here we are on our walk.
And Hank!

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