Sunday, November 2, 2008

Marley & Me

My sister, Rebecca, got a black lab puppy for her 30th birthday. The puppy is 10 weeks old, a girl, and named Marley. After Bob Marley, not the book Marley and Me. I too was confused. Today Jay babysat Hank and Marley while Rebecca and I went to meet some friends for brunch. Then we brought Hank and Marley to our parents house to see them and meet Dusty, Hanks BFF.

Here's Marley!

Playing Follow the Leader

So Cute!

Here's a picture of Becky killing her little puppy (seriously, what were you doing here?).

How happy does the new Mommy look?

Marley playing with her leash.

Marley: Please don't kill me, cousin Hank!

Playing with Grampie Jim.

All pumpkined out for November.

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