Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Becky!!

Ok, so I'm a day late! What's new?!?! Becky's 30th (that's right - thirtieth!!) Birthday was yesterday and in honor of Becky, here are some pics! This is installation #1, there will be more uploaded soon!

Here are the Camp Kids - Joey Cassetta, Joe Welsh, Becky, and Jess

First Day of School! This was senior year for me, Sophomore year for Becky, and sixth grade for Jessie.

Growing up, every year we went to this farm to buy apples, pumpkins, and take our picture for fall. From top to bottom, left to right: Colleen Coyne, Billy Doherty, Rebecca Nelson, Amy Nelson, Danny Shea, Julie Raymond, Julie Shea, Jessie Nelson.

Here's Becky's butt!

Becky and P.A. at the prom!

How cute is this picture! This is Becky (with her boy haircut) and Joe Cassetta in front of the cottage. You can see that I drew a heart around them. Probably to antagonize Becky!

Becky and I! Probably 15 years ago!

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