Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekend at the Farm

I am so excited. First off, I'm a horrible Auntie because I haven't seen my neice, Thea May, in almost two months! Well, I did see her once really quick, but it was like 5 minutes 'cause I had to jet to go tutor. Anyway, I'll get to spend 4 days with her!

My mom and I are driving up this evening after work and we're staying until Monday. Becky & Danny will be coming up tomorrow to stay until Monday. A family friend Laura, her husband Dave, and their two little girls will be coming up on Sunday and sleeping over. Jay is also coming up Sunday (he has to work Saturday) and is staying over. I love staying at Jessie's house. It's a big, huge, rambling farmhouse with a million things going on every second. Outside, there are horses, and chickens, and dogs, and cats and sometimes things like goats and water buffalo. Jessie has a garden and maybe there's some basil left that she'll let me take home. Two years ago, I went home with 2 huge garbage bags full of basil. Yummy.

And Hank! He's coming up tonight with me and my mom. He LOVES the farm! He gets to run around with three other dogs all day long, sleep in a pile of dogs, eat as much horse poop as he wants (gross, I know, but he LOVES it), go swimming at the beaver pond, and live the life of a farm dog. I just have to keep him from killing chickens and kittens. Seriously, Hank is a serious hunter and Jessie just got two new kittens. They are in for a scary weekend!

Here's Jessie and Pete and their three dogs at their Farmhouse

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