Monday, October 13, 2008

Farm Life

Whew! Four days at the farm and I am pooped! I was surrounded by kids, horses, kittens and dogs all weekend long. The fall foliage was beautiful! I love the farm. Best part - getting to chill with Thea May. Here she is on Friday night when Nana Sue and Auntie Amy arrived:

Hanging at the farm.

Nap time with Auntie Amy.

Only Autie Becky would dress Thea like Miss Fashionista to hang out in a horse stall and walk among horse manure!

Saturday morning we went to Peter's parents farm, Crimson Acres, to watch a Drill Team competition. Drill Team is precision riding in a group set to music. They are such great riders.

These little ones were so cute. The were a begginers Drill Team with three little kids. They did a great job!

This was set to music from "Grease" and the riders were dressed as the Pink Ladies and the T Birds!
This team rode draft horses in the Drill Team competition. They obviously had a great theme.

Sunday morning, Hank and I awoke to a beautiful farm on a beautiful fall day.

Hank and Bones chilling in the morning sun.

Jessie got help from Jay-Lynne and Chloe. They were great pooper-scoopers!

I'm totally in my PJs in this picture - just woke up and it shows!

This is Prince who visited us for the weekend. Prince is a runner; an escaper, so he can't go off leash, but he was so jealous of the other four dogs wandering around. We tied his leash to Hank's collar and off they went! It was so cute.

On Sunday, Jay and Hank and I went to the parade in Orange Center.

Here's Jess, Jay-Lynne, and Chloe in the farm truck...

Which was pulling the float with my family in it!

Jay, Amy, and PJ.

And here's Mr. Handsome.
Finally, Thea May taking a ride with her Mommy and Daddy!

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