Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bag Tag

So I was reading someone else's blog - no one I know in real life, just a random. And I came across the Bag Tag. This is really timely because I've been right about to clean out my purse for about a month now. Here's my motivation!
Horrible confession - My purse has about 3 pounds of loose change on the bottom of it. I've been using Jay's money all weekend, claiming I didn't have any. I had $0.42 in my wallet change purse. That's all I thought I had. In reality I had $10.31 in my purse. How embarassing!

Now, on to the tag. Here are the instructions:

1. Show photograph of your bag/ purse and it's entire contents.

2. You are not allowed to edit contents before photographing!

3. List the contents and give descriptions.

4. Bag tag your friends.

  1. Two cell phones - one for work; one for my real life

  2. Pack of Halloween cards to send out tomorrow

  3. One orange mint

  4. Piece of sea glass from Hawaii

  5. A shell from Hawaii

  6. Two Halls naturals cough drops from when I got sick after I got back from Hawaii.

  7. One hair elastic

  8. One set of keys (normally there are three sets in my purse)

  9. One travel thing of tooth floss

  10. One tin of Badger Balm for my terrible cuticles

  11. Two chap sticks

  12. Nail/cuticle clippers - a must have since I've quit biting my nails. Yea Me!

  13. Mechanical pencil

  14. Pen

  15. Left, Right, Center (best game ever)

  16. Cell phone charger for work phone as it won't hold a GD charge

  17. Three loose one dollar bills (didn't know I had - should be in my wallet)

  18. Crappy, crappy, crappy black wallet (note to self - buy cute wallet and coin purse)

  19. Digital camera

  20. Bottle of lavendar hand lotion (from Hawaii - so good!)

  21. Zip-lock with emergency tampon and pads (note to self - buy cute emergency girl bag)

  22. Altoids box that has no altoids in it - Contents: Advil, Tums, loose earings, breath mints

  23. Bank Card (should be in wallet)

  24. 2008 Planner - my life! If I lost this I would cry for days!

  25. Check book

  26. The line of junk at the top of the picture is all trash - mostly receipts and gum wrappers

  27. $5.25 in quarters (21 quarters)

  28. $0.50 in nickels (10 nickels)

  29. $1.30 in dimes (13 dimes)

  30. $0.26 in pennies (26 pennies)

  31. One Boston subway token - I have no idea where this came from. Someone must have given me this as change. These have been obselete for years, since the change to the Charlie Card (which sucks)

  32. One Canadian penny

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