Monday, September 20, 2010

Lost Dog: Ruby

I was driving home from work at about 4PM and there was a dog walking down the middle of Cranberry Road! A few people had stopped, but I was the only one with dog treats in my car. She had no collar or tags and looked very frightened. I was able to lure her into my car with the treats.

I couldn't get in touch with the dog officer, so I took the dog home. Finally the dog officer called and said that the town didn't have a shelter, so I offered to keep the dog until the owners were found. At about 7PM, the owner called. The sweet, sweet baby's name is Ruby and she got out through the back gate. They were so worried and when they picked her up, they offered me money but I wouldn't take it.

I kinda hoped no one would claim her so that we could keep her, but I knew she was someone's pet. Glad to see she made it home and I got to have a fun adventure!

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