Monday, September 20, 2010

Greek Festival 2010

Last Saturday was family day extrodinaire! First, I met up with Becky, Danny, the twins, Jessie, Thea, Isiah, and Momma Sue at Wrentham Day. We saw Senator Scott Brown and his wife - I used to babysit Ayla and Arrianna - and they couldn't believe all the new Nelson babies! They each held one of the twins; it was so cute. I also had some acupunture done at the fair - it was weird, but I'd do it again if it weren't so damn expensive!

Then we hit the Greek Festival at my grandparents' church - Saint Catherines in Braintree. The church is gorgeous and the food is devine! Here's Auntie Amy and Miss Thea Maya!

Momma Becky and sweet little Delaney:

The whole crew: Becky, Nancy, Delaney, Momma Sue, Grandpa George, Jessie, Isiah, and Grandma Dottie!

I got the lamb shank meal - so, so, so yummy.

Grandma Dottie also got that meal.

Megan and Thea! Thea had a blast playing with her cousins!

Momma and Grandma!

Thea loved the jumpy house. We had to lie and say she was five years old to get her in!

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