Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Friday in Montana!

Friday in Montana! It was a beautiful day. We spent the day getting ready for Saturday's festivities and tying one on. Neal and Annie took us all out to dinner that night at a Montana steak house -it was so yummmy. Here's Rachel and Jami!

And Ben and Sam.
I love how Annie is laughing in this picture - and what is Ben doing? Drinking water?

Maggie and her beau!
Annie made a heartfelt speech abou the upcoming wedding while Neal provided comic relief!

Ben being Ben!
How sweet is Rachel!

The Girls!!!!!!!!!

Paul and EB Love!
A picture with the random softball player who was smoking a cigar outside.

EB and Amy! (Before my head wound)
Then we all hopped into the hot tub for a night of debauchery! Looks like we splashed EB!
We were living the high life - the Miller Light high life!

Sam - one of us had a crush on him, but I won't say who. :)

And Bennie, who is quite possibly the funniest boy in the world!

Next: The WEDDING!

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