Saturday, June 12, 2010

We Did It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, we've officially owned this house (ok, payed mortgage on this house) for a year now! And I'm proud to say that we've officially finished our first room and bathroom! I am so proud - I love them! I keep telling Jay that I'm moving into this room. I went with a green/nature theme (big surprise, right). We didn't paint the walls, because they were painted right before we moved in. But I've decided that I don't Loooovvvveee the walls, so I'll repaint them someday....

The bed was a rescue - it's not perfect, but it has character. Love the pineapple knobs. The dresser came with the house (last owners left a lot of stuff!). Mirror was a yard sale find.

I picked this poster up while at the Great Falls Discover Center in March. I've been holding onto it because I just loved it. It really is gorgeous. I found an affordable frame (frames are so freakin' expensive!) and Jay helped hang it.

I need to get a little lamp for the dresser. That's #1 on my yard sale list now.
$20.00 Walmart curtains. Need to be ironed, but that's a job for another day! Love the reflection of the mirror on the right of the windows.
The mirror is so pretty - hard to see in the picture but it has a white floral border and two white porcelain hooks.
New accessories for the bathroom, include a new cute planter on the back of the toilet, but didn't take a pic.
Jay installed a new hose for the showerhead.
So pretty!
We haven't cleaned out the closet yet, but it's pretty good size. Once we get rid of the random stuff, I'll have to figure out how to organize it.

Cute ceramic bowl for the dresser - $0.25 at a yard sale.
A Bill Byrne (my favorite wildlife photographer) photo of a grey treefrog that I got at a Project WILD gathering a few years ago. One of my treasured possessions!
All ready just in time for our first guests to sleep in the new "Guest Suite" (that's what we've named it) - the Graham twins! So excited to have the twins over Monday night!

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