Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jess's Baby Shower

I travelled to Orange today for a little Baby Shower/Big Sister Party for Jess and Thea. Becky came along too with the twins! Here's Griffin taking a nap on Momma.

And Miss Delaney with Auntie Jess and cousin Thea. She's sticking out her tongue! So Cute! All the little kids were enthralled by these little babies, and they did such a good job with the 'no touching' rule!

Miss Thea got some kick-ass headbands and here she is modeling her red one. I totally stole the white one. I'm teaching her sharing! :)

Momma Becky with little Fin.
Jess with Laney - getting in the practice as her little one is due in 5 weeks.

Becky, Griffin, Thea, and Emma
The Girls! Thea always scrunches up her face for pictures!

Thea had a blast playing with Daddy.

Proud as a peacock! She demanded that I take her photo while in the air! Little diva!

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