Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Another great Thanksgiving at my parent's house. We enjoyed great food, company, and were entertained by the antics of Miss Thea May! Thea got a haircut and showed up with bangs and pigtails - so cute! She also has a new 'thing' that I got the biggest kick out of. She draws on her face with marker and then tells Jess that it is her birthmark - like Auntie Amy!

Hanging out with Grammie and Momma Jess.
Nana Sue got Thea a wooden cook-stove and Thea was obsessed with cooking. She played with it for hours!
Here's Grandma and Grandpa along with Dakota.
Thea May - pigtails are gone!
Mom and cousin Jessica.
Amy and Jay - kind of a weird picture of us in front of the wood stove, but it was the only one!
Isn't she just so polite?

Dad, Mom, and Me!

Grampie Hugo - he'll be 100 in March! He's unbelievable!
Grammie will be 94 in February. You'd think she was 20 years younger if you met her!

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Anonymous said...

Thea is still obsessed with her "Kitchen"! Its a great babysitter for the moment!