Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shitty Shitty Bang Bang

My car crapped the bed a few days ago. I don't know how I drove it the last two days I did. It was accelerating like a snail and belching smoke like a coal factory. The check engine light was blinking on and off and on and off. I knew something wasn't good, but I didn't think the end was so close. It ended with a smoke explosion - which blew right into our neighbor's yard (oops). Biggest smoke explosion I've ever seen come from a car! Jay worked on it for a while and then declared it dead. Gone. Forever.

So we've entered a new phase in our lives. The looking-for-a-used-car journey. It is not fun! We've looked at a few and so far have run into the following hassles:

  • Yesterday we went to look at a car on a used-car lot in E. Bridgewater. They said they'd be open 'til 3PM. We got there at 2:30PM and the place was shut down. Not only that, but they're not open on Sundays so we'd have to wait for tomorrow to get a chance to look at it

  • We drove to Providence to check out a car being sold by the owner. We made the offer, she counter offered, we counter offered, and she accepted our offer. Yeah! We had a car! Then she went into the house to get the title and when she came back out, the fun began. Although Jay had asked on the phone if she had a clear title and she said yes. But really, she didn't have a clear title. Her dad's name was on it, but he had passed away. She also laid this one on us - told us that when she went inside, there is a lady waiting to look at the car and when she told the lady that we were buying it, the lady offered her more money so if we upped the price to match the lady, we could buy it. We were sooooo outta there!

And living without a car for the past few day really sucks. I miss the freedom of going wherever, whenever. Jay had to drop me off at work and pick me up. He'll probably have to do the same tomorrow. We are going to Cambridge this afternoon to look at another car, so maybe it'll be done by tonight (keep your fingers crossed for us!).

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