Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Playground!

Had a fabulous visit with my mom, sister Jessie, Thea, and Marshall yesterday. Thea and Marshall just woke up from a nap when they walked through the door.

But Auntie Amy has Play Dough so they quickly snapped to it and played, and played, and played!

Then we took Hank for a walk to the playground (and yes, we changed Thea's pee pants before we left!).
Marshall got to hold onto Hank's leash while Thea got changed and then we hit the road.
Our walk to the playground took us on a path through nature on this beautiful day!

We played on the slides...

We even taught Hank to use the slide!
We played on the swings - this girl has NO FEAR!

Even Mumma Sue got on the swings!Isn't this picture just too cute!

We were pooped after adventure so we headed home to play "Cash," possibly the worst game ever invented by a two-year-old! And eat pizza!

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