Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I'm more of a Mother Nature type spiritualist, so I thought these very fitting. Happy Easter, Happy Spring!


Anonymous said...

Dear "mother nature type spiritualist",

Remember the time you stuck a fork in joe cassetta's shoulder? Or how about that time you struck me with a two by four in the head. Then of course there was the time you got mad at everyone and stuck your hand through a window. Ahhhhh......memories........ok now you can go back to playing with bambi.

Amy and Jay said...

Listen, we all know I had more than my share of teenage angst. But all of those things happened over 16 years ago.

Time goes by and hormone levels become stable. Thank goodness!

Love ya!

And I do remember the fork and window situations, I've never been able to recall the two by four situation.