Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greek Easter

Went into Southie for Greek Easter today. All I have to say is - lamb, feta cheese, olives and gloktabori (spelled wrong, I'm sure). So, so YUMMY! And I played with the kids for HOURS! I'm thoroughly exhausted.

I love this picture! Thea is looking at Maggie so adoringly!
My sister Becky made this cake. It's supposed to be a bunny for Easter, but it kinda looks like a mouse! The kids loved it.

Remember the kids' table. I sat at it until I was about 25!
We did a lot of coloring. I wish I took a picture of my coloring. It was awesome.

This is Maggie. She thinks I'm a "teenager." I just smile and nod! Love her!

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Anonymous said...

Yah I love your Grampa George's me explodabum..........but eat it and love it just the same