Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Craziness Part Duex

So on the last post I gave an example of how crazy my parents are. But let's not forget that the insanity is either inherited or learned so Jess, Becky, and I have a little bit of it too. Here's an example of Jess's craziness.

I was at my parents house and got the mail for them yesterday. My mom was going through the stack of Christmas cards and saw one addressed to 'Nana Sue & Grampie Jim' so she knew it was from Thea. Mom got so excited and exclaimed that she was FINALLY going to get a Christmas picture of Thea! She opened the card and found this:

It was the smallest picture I have ever seen. Not eve wallet size! Mom and I cracked up and laughed so hard for a few minutes. What Nana would be satisfied with that tiny photo to share with friends, family, and strangers? Jess is insane. She also let Thea sign the card with her scribbles - very cute:

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