Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sleepover with the Boys

The handsome boys came to Auntie Amy's and Uncle Jay's for a sleep over a few weeks ago! We had a blast. The boys amused themselves with Play-Do for about an hour. Grant loved it!

Here are the boys hanging out on the couch having an evening snack. Hank loves when little kids visit - he just acts like a hoover and snarfs up all dropped food!

The boys helped Uncle Jay install an air conditioner. Drew got to hold the screwdriver and pass it to Uncle Jay when he needed it.
Drew was so proud to be working with Uncle Jay - it was soooo cute. Here, he threw his arm around Uncle Jay and proclaimed that they were working!
Grant and I had a bit of a communication breakdown, but when he picked up the clicker I figured out that he wanted some TV. On came the Wiggles - Uncle Jay's favorite show!
On the ride home, Hank refused to sit in the front seat! He settled himself in right between the two boys and kept them company for the whole ride! It was so cute.

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