Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Yard is Crazy-Town

Jay and I have spent waaaaaaaaaay more time doing work in the yard than in the house. Looks like Retro House is forever going to be retro at the rate we're going! But we've done a lot of cool stuff outside including gardening! We put in a raised bed, roto-tilled, planted grass, got some kick-ass compost, and planted a ton of stuff.

Here is a jalepeno plant with an eggplant plant (that sounds weird) behind it.

Here are my wittle tiny carrots. I can't wait to eat home grown carrots!

You can't really tell, but Jay is growing corn. They've just started poking up through the ground.Here's the monster sunflower plant that Jay secretly planted among my carrots!

Two types of radishes - and Hank's footprints (lovely, Hank. Just lovely).

We planted six tomato plants - a bunch of different kinds. And sprinkled some lettuce seed in the middle. We're crazy like that.
Here are our bean plants! We'll have to set up some sort of climbing device soon as these suckers grow. They're fast.

Here are our onions.
There's a lot going on this picture: chives, mint, parsely, basil, rosemary (and weeds: violets and grass for the most part).
Better pic of the chives. There's some herb growing behind the chives. I think it's oregano, but I'm not sure. There's something else oniony that grows in there, but I don't know what that is either. I'm planning on getting some sage and thyme for the herb garden, too.
And Jay decided to buy a truckload of trees. Yes, a tractor-trailer sized truckload of tree trunks! They came this afternoon and unloaded. Jay's out there right now with the chainsaw ripping. He's like a kid on Christmas morning he's so excited about his wood!

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