Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Visit to the Little Cabin in the Wendell Woods

I had to work at Great Falls Discover Center yesterday, so Thursday I drove out to Wendell to spend the night with one of my favorite co-workers, Jen. She is a caretaker on an organic farm and lives in a little cabin right on the property. It is so cute and quaint and just perfect for Jen.

Jen and Emmie took me on a tour of the farm and the property. Just a few days ago, they had a visit by a black bear! No bird-feeders for Jen this year!
Jen took me to the see The Ladies - the farm's all organic chickens.

And we found a freshly laid egg! We used it to make pancakes the next morning!

The farm abuts conservation land and we took a walk. This used to be pastures but the woods have again taken over. The number of stone walls and cellar holes is amazing! This used to be a thriving sheep farm.
It was getting dark, but you can sort of see one of the cellar holes here (click on the pic to make bigger).
We went to Jen's favorite thinking spot. We hung out here and chatted as the sun dropped below the horizon. We imagined ourselves as sheep herders watching over our flock from this perch - 150 years ago!

This cool stone wall was quite high (sign that it was used to pen animals) and had a beautiful curve to it. Imagine doing this all by hand?
Thanks for letting me visit your wonderful spot in this world!

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