Saturday, April 24, 2010

Traveling Lady!

This week I have been all over the place. I had to go to Western Gateway Heritage State Park on Wednesday for interviews, so I went out the night before and spent the night at Jessie's. The farm was so pretty in the afternoon light.

Jess and I packed up four kids into the truck and drove 40 minutes through beautiful countryside (after stopping for supplies including donuts!) to pick up haybales.

We had me, one pregnant lady, Jess's 13 year-old nephew, two 9 year-old girls, and a 3 year-old to load 150 bales of hay into the horse trailer. It was tough work - I got dirty, stuck with hay, raw spots on my hand from the baling twine but we did it! This entire trailer is full of bales!
Then we went into the auction house and saw some of the calves being auctioned. It was sad 'cause they looked so scared and lonely without their mamas. One of the girls started crying so we had to leave.

Here's my Thea Maya!!!!!!!!!

And then there was the breakdown! Thea wanted to walk Scooter, but Lizzie was walking him. Thea did not want to wait her turn. Here's a three year-old having a tantrum:

And two minutes later, she's happy as a clam walking Scooter! What a nut!

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