Monday, April 5, 2010

Our First Easter on Crooked Lane

Jay and I hosted Easter for my family this weekend. Jay was really excited because it meant that we had to do Spring cleaning...and he LOVES to clean although he won't admit it! Here's our house, all dolled up. And I've given it a name! I introduce you to....dum, da, dum....RETRO HOUSE!

Here's our living room. Next big purchase is a flat screen and a simple wooden entertainment system to get rid of the black metal monstrosity that came with Jay.

Do you see what I see? On the left side of the picture? Could that be shag???
Oh yea! The stairs are probably the most retro thing in the house. Add orange shag rug, faux brick wall, vintage cloth wall paper, and a black metal hand rail and you got one heck of a sight!
This is part of the Havana room. We have to lift the mirror up about a foot, but it's hanging on a hook that was already there. The only furniture items that were purchased in this room are the book case and rug. Everything else was either found or given to us (mirror - side of the road, arm chair - side of the road, apothecary chest - Dr.'s office was throwing it away, wicker furniture - gift from Mom and Dad, toy box - Grammie and Grampie's old one).

Jay and I cooked a yummy, yummy Easter dinner. I made my first leg of lamb and it was so good. Grandpa George would have been so proud. Jessie and Peter brought a ham from a pig they bought and had butchered. It was so delish! Sides included roasted potatoes, rice pilaf, maple and brown sugar carrots, sauteed asparagus, garden salad, homemade macaroni and cheese (for the vegetarians), and cornbread stuffing.

Our Easter table (ignore the chairs - we wanted to buy 10 chairs to go with the table, but we haven't found ones that we love so we just used all the chairs in the house).
Thea loved the asparagus.

After dinner, we took a walk to the playground.
Thea and Peter loved the doll house!
She is so brave! Just had to do 'no-hands' just like Mommy.
Even pregnant, Jessie can do more monkey bars than me!

Becky and Jessie, both preggers, found the perfect swings for them! Once they sat down, we could not get them up!
Then we took a walk to Assawompsett Pond which is so overflowing its banks. We got the worst of the floods in March.

Then we went home. Jay rode his green bike with a basket! How cute!
This is our backyard which is now a pond. Marley and Hank had a blast running through it! This morning there were ducks in it! All in all, an awesome Easter!

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Anonymous said...

What a perfect day Amos! It seemed like it couldn't have gone better!