Saturday, July 11, 2009

No Rain!

We've finally had some great weather, so I decided to take the camera with us as Jay and I took Hank for a walk this afternoon. This is the huge field that is across the road from us.

The red building on the left is Cape Cod Copper - you may have heard of it. It is three doors down from our house.

Right past Cape Cod Copper, on the right, there is a dirt road that goes through the fields. We take Hank for walks down there a lot. The road crosses a stream and there are tons of cat-nine-tails here.

Here's Hank in front of the stream. He hasn't been swimming here yet. He's too afraid of the drop down!
Across the street from Cape Cod Copper is a trail that goes into the woods. We love walking here.
Can you see Hank? He was hunting a mouse in the field!
The trail leads to a beautiful pond where Hank loves to swim and fetch sticks. Tomorrow Jay and I are going to go swimming too!

And there are tons of chipmunks for Hank to chase and dig after.
And here is a happy, happy man tooling around on his John Deere this evening!

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