Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back To Orange

Last week I worked one day at Wachusett Mountain and so I was only about 20 minutes from Orange. After work, I headed west to Jessie's and spent some time with my cutie neice. The pics of her are so funny! She is such a dirty farm girl!

Michelle gave Thea two baby goats for her birthday last month. There names are Coco and Monkey. They are very cute!
I got to feed Monkey his bottle!
We close on the house tomorrow. I went by yesterday to check out the septic system install and it looks like we lost the peony bush and the grape arbor. Bummer, but I think it's better in the long run as the yard is a beast!


Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow Amos! I hope everything goes perfect...I can't wait to see your new home!

Anonymous said...

I was just reading about the Asian Longhorn beetle infestation/outbreak in Worcester......super farts