Sunday, June 7, 2009


1. We finally closed on our house! As of Friday evening, Jay and I are the official owners of a cute little house in Lakeville! We love it and we cannot wait to officially move in. Today is moving day for a lot of our stuff, although we won't be totally moved in until late June.

2. My friend Rachel had a little girl last weekend. Her name is Macie and she is so cute! Congratulations to Rachel and Brian!

3. My cousin Sharon had a little girl Friday night. Her name is Molly and I can't wait to see pictures! Yay for little girls!


Anonymous said...

I ran over a chipmunk today and felt terrible........Then I remembered the time you hit a chipmunk and then, while in hysterics, proceeded to back over him.....this made me feel better.

Anonymous said...

I remember that. Seriously, what is wrong with me?

Anonymous said...

hey i bought a macbook today.....great buy a house and Tim buys a score- Amy 350,000,789 to Tim 3.....I'm catching up baby!

as always....farts