Friday, May 29, 2009

Almost Here!

Well we just got word that our closing will not be on Monday. Waaaaahhhh! Instead it will be on Wednesday because the new septic system has not been finished. Meanwhile, I spent some time at our new house (just the outside 'cause it's not really OURS yet) and took a bunch o'pictures. Here's the 50 cent tour:

Front Yard
Basic idea of what the backyard looks like (overgrown). This is one of the grape trellises - they need some work, but I'm excited to see if we grow any grapes.
There were tons of these flower buds. I can't wait to see what they look like when they bloom.
The yard had about 100 of these beautiful blue and purple irises. They are just starting to bloom.
Here's the herb garden. It has mint, chives, onions, sage, and about one million other plants called weeds.

Our little shed with a garden in front of it and some pretty flowery bushes.
These irises run along the back of the house.
And there are poppies! Poppies!!! I've ALWAYS wanted poppies in my yard!

Here's the view from the front.

And the view from the back.
Our front yard. There's a house across the street, but behind the house and next to the house is just rolling hills of pasture. They were cutting the hay today!


Tina said...

amy... it's beautiful darling.. can't wait to see what you do with it.. congrats

jess said...

Looks like you have peonies ready to bloom too...I love all the plants and huge yard, can't wait to go see the whole house!