Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend at the Cottage

Went down camp Friday night after work. Work on Friday was nice, I picked up one of my new Interpreters and one of my favorite park supervisors and we went to Douglas State Forest for a training session on interpreting historic stone walls. It was great! The downside is that I drove for almost 4 hours on Friday as I headed down to the Cape for two days.
We celebrated Thea's second birthday with a cook-out and some cake.
We took the dogs (Hank, Marley, and Koa) on a long walk through the woods on on the bike trails.
I love this picture! Do you see Ms. Thea's cute little bum in the background?

Walking along the trails.
Nana and Grampie with Thea. Trying to open Thea's first fishing pole!
My husband!
Rebecca and Thea
It was a cool weekend, but we could not get this water baby to stop swimming!

Took a walk around the pond with Mom, Dad, and Hank. Dad didn't walk, he paddled. So cute!
Took a break to take pictures of spring wildflowers and walk out over the water on a fallen tree.

These are bluets or quaker ladies.
Wintergreen - these berries have been on the plant all winter.
Mom and Hank!
Pink Ladyslippers. My mom and I counted almost 100 of these in just a few minutes. They are everywhere. And beautiful.


Anonymous said...

You mean you got to interpret historic stone walls!!!!!!!!!........I LOVE interpreting stone walls!! On another not I just watched 30 Rock and it was funny!


Anonymous said...

You're such a dork!