Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Fall Day at the Pond

Jay and I both had the day off yesterday (Yea)! So we packed up the car and headed down to the cottage for the day. It was a chilly and somewhat grey fall day, but I bundled up in a quilt and settled in a chair on the beach to read for a while. Then we took a walk around the pond, cooked some cheeseburgers for dinner, and took the back roads home. It was an AWESOME day!

Then today I was on my way to two-tore-ing and saw a black grey squirrel. Check out these pictures - the second one also has a grey grey squirrel in it, so it's easier to see the coloring. Weird!

Click on this photo to see it bigger and you'll really see the difference between the black and grey squirrels.


Joe said...

stay off my beach!!!!

Amy & Jay said...