Monday, June 30, 2008

Camping on the Mohawk Trail

Just got back from a great camping trip. We went tent camping at Mohawk Trail SF in the Berkshires. Here are some of the things we did:
Hiked (halfway) up a mountain
Went swimming in Cold River
Cooked over a campfire
Took a cold shower
Visited glacial potholes
Walked along the Bridge of Flowers

And....saw a bear! Right at our campsite! Last night! It was so cool. It was a 18 month old bear (born around March 2007) so it wasn't huge, but it was still impressive. Hank put on a display of protection like I've never seen before - he was ferocious! FYI - the picture of me on my first post is me holding a black bear cub.

Here are some pics from our trip:

Here's our little campsite in the woods. We could see Cold River running through the trees and could hear the water. Very peaceful.

Here's Hank hanging by the campfire.
We spent part of Sunday at Shelburne Falls, a really cute town. We visited the Glacial Potholes - these are huge holes formed in solid rock by whirlpool action in a depression and smaller rocks getting caught in the depressions and acting like a scraper - making the pot holes bigger. Some of the pot holes still have huge rocks stuck in them.

At Shelburne Falls we also walked along the Bridge of Flowers.

Well, I took the walk while Jay stayed with Hank because they didn't allow dogs. Not even well behaved trained dogs on a leash. Grrrr.

Then we found a cute sidewalk cafe to stop and have lunch. Jay and I ate while Hank passed out on the sidewalk - he was so cute.

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