Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Indian Birthday Affair...with lots of wine!

Today's adventure: Indian Cooking Class!

I signed my best friend Jami and I up for an Indian Cooking Class in celebration of her birthday.  We arrived a bit early to have a glass of wine in preparation for the class and found out all the wine was included in the class. That made the night beyond awesome!!!!!!

We enjoyed our wine at the cooking area which was all set up ready for the class.
 Jami enjoying one of the wines.
 These two guys spent about and hour and a half cooking about 6 different recipes for us to taste. I don't remember much about it because I was too busy enjoying all the wine and laughing with Jami!

 Our glasses were never empty.  These guys know how to put together a kick-ass cooking class!
 The marinated mushrooms were the best thing of the night.  I can't wait to make them!
 This chick pea flour bread was okay, but the honey-ginger naan was to DIE for!
 Getting our giggles on!  Nothing like a good friend to share in an adventure!
 After the class, we were served dinner. We sat with some interesting folks.  The guy on the right with the tattoo arm - very, very odd.  To say the least.  Everyone else was pretty funny, although I kept having the feeling that Jami and I were the only normal people there!
 Enjoying the spread and, did I mention, the wine!
 They found out it was Jami's birthday, so they brought out a birthday cake and we all sang the song.  It was a fun, fun, fun night and I wish it went on forever.

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