Monday, March 19, 2012

An Adventure A Day!

I've decided to resurect this blog. I miss posting about what I've been up to. My plan is to try to post something a few times a week, focusing on an adventure I've had. I want to put 'adventure' into the mundane. So I imagine that much of my posts will be things that I have planned or regularly do or visit or whatever. I'm sure there's a great quote out there somewhere, but basically my life is my adventure, right?! Well, here goes!

I won two Old Town Kayaks last fall and we haven't had a chance to use them. Yesterday was 70 and beautiful, so we loaded them up and headed to Long Pond. We had a great 2-hour paddle. We went through a marshy area, then onto the Pond which had waves like the ocean, and then on a smooth, calm section of the Pond.

We stopped at a small secluded beach to take a rest so I took some pictures.

Here's the view from my kayak!

The best view of all - Smiling Jay!

We saw a ton of red-bellies sunning themselves. Look how far up these guys were able to climb!

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