Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Birthday - I'm 29 (again)!

I'm sitting here, warm from the wood stove, sipping hot chocolate, getting ready to finish off my current book (The Dogs of Bedlam Farm), and feeling content...

I had a fabulous birthday! It started with a trip to Quan's with my bestest friend Jami. That girl knows I love sushi! Thank You, Jami! My Momma Sue and Dad got me three new pairs of jeans - desperately needed - along with some spending cash. Think I'm gonna get a manicure! Thanks Momma Sue & Dad! Becky & Danny came along for my birthday dinner at the Stoneforge Tavern. It was awesome and they gave me a wonderful goodie bag full of things to pamper myself with! Thanks Becky & Danny! Becky's belly is starting to show and she looked so cute and happy! Can't wait to see those little babies! And Jay got me my TomTom! I've wanted one for a while and it looks great in my new (used) car! Thanks Jay!

Jay and I spend Saturday morning selecting the perfect tree and decorating it. The pictures came out blurry, so I'll try to re-post some better ones later. I LOVE OUR CHRISTMAS TREE! This morning I sat in that room eating my toast, drinking my tea, and just loving the light of the tree!

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