Sunday, October 4, 2009

Honeymoon - Bryce Canyon National Park

We headed to Bryce Canyon National Park after Arches (I'll post pics of Arches later). I loved Bryce - I think it was the most beautiful place we went.

We had to drive through more tunnels to get there.
We did the Queen's Garden/Navajo Loop and it was amazing. It was sunny, warm, surreal scenery, and challenging with a ~1,000 foot decline and then incline down and up the canyon.

Heading down...
That's where we're headed.
Isn't it just beautiful - again, the pictures do not do it justice.
More tunnels! There were a few of these on the trail.

Queen of the World!
Heading back up - this was a trip!

Half-way there...
But still a long way to go...
Almost there...

And we did it!
View from the top
Beyond beautiful!

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