Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thea's Fake Plastic Poop

Do you think Thea likes whipped cream?

Thea had a visit from Nana Sue and Grampie Jim last weekend. Nana Sue smothered her little girl with kisses!
There's Grampie Jim, Nana Sue, and their girl! (She will be three in May and look how tall she is! She's so, so, so tall!)
She takes after her momma and her Aunties - she LOVES to laugh!

Nana Sue brought tons of toys for Thea. Including a set of plastic food. This was Thea's favorite piece of fake food - she called it poop.
But seriously, what the heck kind of food is that? Totally looks like poop! How did that get into a kids toy of fake plastic food?

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