Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Went to the Zoo Today

I had an awesome adventure today and I didn't have my camera. Boo-hoo! I'm running a professional development workshop for teachers along with another environmental educator, Jason. Jason just happens to work at a zoo. Yea, a ZOO!!!!! So we had a meeting this morning to discuss our workshop and we decided that I would come to his zoo (his ZOO!!!) for the meeting. So off I went thinking we'd be sitting inside, poring over the activity guide, talking shop all morning. Little did I know I would be getting my own personal tour of the zoo (the ZOO!!!!)! I got to see the back areas and hear all the stories and anctedotes about each animal, but the best, best, best part was that Jason had arranged for us to go to a training/feeding session with the Canadian lynxes! So, so, so cool! Next time (and there WILL BE a next time), I'm bringing my camera!!!

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